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Inclusive Teaching in Macroeconomics. Inclusivity techniques create classroom spaces that empower students with diverse experiences, world-views, and backgrounds. In this session we will discuss opportunities and challenges associated with implementing inclusive pedagogies in intermediate macroeconomics.

  • Vikram Kumar and Caleb Stroup, Davidson College
  • Location: Wall 243


Macroeconomics and the Economics Major. What are the most important learning objectives in core macroeconomics courses for econ majors? What can we reasonably hope that half of the students will remember in 1 year?  How do we select our objectives? Are objectives common, or different, across various economics departments?

  • PJ Glandon, Kenyon College
  • Location: Wall 352


Political Discussions During Class. Contentious political debates: Do you avoid or embrace them? Has the current polarized political climate affected how you teach some topics? Do you attempt to address current political debates by presenting both sides of the debate equally? Do teachers have a responsibility to disclose their own political biases?

  • Julie Smith, Lafayette College
  • Location: Wall 210


Techniques for Active Learning in Economics. Active learning tends to result in better retention than standard lectures. We will discuss some specific activities to encourage active learning in the classroom.

  • Bob Rebelien, Vassar College
  • Location: Wall 307